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Census 2020 Outreach and Assistance Grant Final Report Form

  1. This MUST be the organization the County has a contract with
  2. Full name of the primary contact at the contracting organization in case we have any questions
  3. Full name of the primary contact at the implementation organization
  4. Email address for the contracting organization's contact
  5. Phone number for the contact
  6. Were you assigned a Computer for QAC/QAK?*
  7. If you were assigned a computer, have you returned it to the County?
  8. Have you submitted all your event reports? *
    We need ALL reports complete prior to issuing a final check. If you are unsure, please contact [email protected]
  9. What elements below were helpful to you? *
  10. What elements need work? *
  11. We would love to hear about and share some highlights from your Census Outreach and Assistance experience.
  12. Do you have photos or materials you would like to share
  13. We will contact you if you have some photos or other material that you would like to share with us.
  14. Is there anything else that we should know about when evaluating our efforts or planning for Census 2030?
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