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Litter Complaint - Keller Canyon Landfill

  1. Reporting Potential Landfill Litter
    Complete this form and upload photo to document litter suspected to be associated with the Keller Canyon Landfill located on Bailey Road adjacent to the City of Pittsburg. It is important to upload photo showing the type, amount and location of litter that came from the landfill. Complaints from community members are often the only indication agencies receive about potential litter issues. Details you submit using this on-line form will be simultaneously directed to staff from two County departments (Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development and County Environmental Health Division) as well as the operator of the Keller Canyon Landfill. In order to effectively investigate and address litter concerns, all of the details listed in the “Required Information” section must be submitted. If you would like to speak to County staff regarding your submitted complaint, please call the Conservation Programs Division helpline at (925) 674-7203.

    Although you may submit a litter complaint anonymously, you are discouraged from doing so because that is the only way that staff can follow-up with you if deemed necessary, which may compromise investigation effectiveness. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to file an ANONYMOUS COMPLAINT without providing adequate details or contact information, your complaint MAY NOT BE INVESTIGATED.
  2. Tips for Filing Litter Complaints
    Complaints should be made as soon as possible after detecting litter coming from the landfill. The sooner an agency receives a complaint, the sooner an investigation can be conducted. Submitting photos of the litter and describing the location, where the photo was taken will be extremely helpful with any necessary investigation

    Describe the litter location in as much detail as possible. Is the litter escaping the landfill and where is it blowing? Please provide photos of the litter complaints and describe the location the photo was taken from, along with the direction it is facing. This will help agency staff track the extent of the problem.
  3. Required Information
    Each * denotes information that must be submitted in order to investigate litter being reported to the County.
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    Report Odor Complaints
  5. Enter the date and time that the litter was documented in the photo being uploaded.
  6. Please upload a photo of the litter.
    NOTE: Only one photo can be uploaded at a time, photos of litter in any other locations must be uploaded separately below.
  7. Keller Canyon Litter Zones
    Keller Canyon Litter  Zones Image
    If possible, please identify the area where the litter was seen. If you are unsure, choose other and describe the area.
  8. Litter Zone*
    Please select the zone the litter was seen. If unknown, please select other and describe
  9. Additional Information (optional)
    Although not required, the following information is requested. We strongly encourage you to provide contact information because conducting an effective investigation usually requires some follow-up communication with the complainant.
  10. Use this field to enter any other potentially pertinent information related to the litter being reported. Be as detailed as possible because that is the best way to make the investigation as effective as possible.
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