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Odor Complaint - Keller Canyon Landfill

  1. Is the odor you are detecting from the Keller Canyon Landfill in Pittsburg, CA?
  2. Enter the date that this odor was detected. Please use the most recent date if detected on multiple days.

  3. Enter the time this odor was detected and specify the time you first detected odor. Please be precise as possible. Please include addition time details in the "Further Information" box below.

  4. Enter the address where the reported odor was detected. If unwilling to provide an address, the nearest street intersection must be entered.

  5. Describe what the odor smelled like to the greatest extent possible to help the investigation.

  6. Use this field to enter any other information related to the odor being reported. Be as detailed as possible because that is the best way to make the investigation as effective as possible.

  7. Tips for Keller Canyon Odor Complaint form 

    • Timeliness is key! Fill out the form as soon as possible after detecting an odor so investigations can be conducted in and around the landfill.
    • Describe the odor in as much detail as possible. Does it remind you of a familiar smell such as rotten eggs, rotten cabbage, sweet or sour chemicals, burning plastic, garlic, chlorine or asphalt? s it oily, musty, metallic, pungent, light or heavy?
    • Indicate if the odor is intermittent, recurring, or constant over longer periods of time. How long have you been experiencing the problem? If the odor is occurring on a regular basis, report odor problems each day that you detect the odor, not just the first time you notice it. This will help agency staff track the extent of the problem.
    • Compete all required questions with an * 
    • Contact information is optional, but highly encouraged. If we need additional information and cannot contact you, we may not be able to complete the investigation.
    • Also file a complaint with the Air District. Complaints about odor, dust and air pollution can be filed 24-hours a day by calling their toll-free hotline at 1-800-334-ODOR. Satisfactory resolution of complaints is one of the most important objectives of Air District staff.
    • If you would like to voice your concern to County staff directly, please call the Conservation Programs Division helpline at (925) 655-2703. If calling outside normal business hours, please leave a detailed voicemail message containing at least the required information identified below.

    Other Odor Complaints

    If this is NOT related to KELLER CANYON LANDFILL, please contact the Air District at 1-800-334-ODOR or their online form

    Keller Canyon Litter Complaints

    If you have a Keller Canyon Litter Compliant, please use the Online Litter Complaint Form

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