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Prescreening Form - North Richmond

  1. Bulky Item Pick-up or Disposal Vouchers - North Richmond Only

    The North Richmond Waste & Recovery Mitigation Fee funded Disposal Vouchers / Bulky Item Pick-up options are only available to eligible residents living within the designated North Richmond (incorporated & unincorporated) funding area.

    This on-line form was created to provide eligible North Richmond residents living in the designated Mitigation Fee Area the option of choosing to:

    * Request up to one on-call pick-up service per calendar year for bulky items that are not accepted in the current on-call clean-ups through Richmond Sanitary Service (RSS); must have an active account with RSS, or

    * Request up to twenty-four (24) $5 vouchers for disposal at Republic’s transfer station on Parr Blvd. per calendar year (vouchers expire after six months, Mitigation Fees only pay for vouchers that are actually redeemed).

    Jointly funded by the City of Richmond and Contra Costa County.

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