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The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 43rd Annual Humanitarian of the Year Award

  1. Contra Costa County

  2. Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors Seeks Nominees for Humanitarian of the Year

    We welcome your nominations of people who live or work in Contra Costa County to be named as the 43rd Annual Humanitarian of the Year. This year's theme is "Silence is Not an Option." Please use the form below to submit information. You may also attach your nominee information as a document.

  3. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  4. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 43rd Annual Humanitarian of the Year Award

    Please use the following form to submit your nominee for Contra Costa County Humanitarian of the Year.

  5. 1. Nominee Information

    Please share with us the name and contact information, if available, for the person you will like to nominate.

  6. 2. Your contact information

    Please tell us how we can reach you.

  7. 3. Please upload a document telling us about your nominee.

    Please share your thoughts about your nominee, and why the individual is deserving of the honor. We are looking for people who set an example, and live Dr. King's dream of equality, peace, justice, non-violence, leadership and inspiration. Please be as specific as you can.

  8. Alternatively, use this section to describe your nominee's leadership, integrity and commitment.

    If you prefer to enter your information directly on this form rather than attach a document, please use this space to explain your nominee's leadership and/or commitment to promoting diversity, equality, peace, justice and non-violence.

  9. 4. Submit this form no later than 11:59 PM on Monday, November 30, 2020.

    Announcement of the selection of the 43rd Annual Humanitarian of the Year will be made by early January.

  10. 5. Please upload an image here. Contact the Awards Committee if you need assistance.

    If the individual you nominate is selected, the Committee will need a high resolution JPEG format picture to be used in the program for the ceremony and in a news release to the media. Please upload an image here, or if you need assistance email

  11. Celebrate with the community the 43rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Commemoration in Contra Costa County.

    Plan on joining us for a virtual live stream of the event on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. for our annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day celebration. The Social Distancing Order of September 14 prevents a public gathering to ensure public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. If your nominee is selected, you will be contacted with information and other arrangements for the day of the ceremony. Awards will be presented during the celebration, and the Humanitarian of the Year will be formally recognized by the Board of Supervisors, and offered an opportunity to say a few words.

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