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Office of Communications and Photo Submission

  1. Contra Costa County Seal
  2. Office of Communications and Media Submission Form
  3. Office of Communications and Media
  4. We are glad to display your photo on Contra Costa County Photo gallery. To insure you receive photo credit for your work please submit the following information when you upload. If you any questions please contact Office of Communications and Media Director [email protected]
  5. I hereby certify as follows: 1. That this is my original work, that it is not copied from another published or unpublished photograph, and that I have not assigned exclusive use of or my copyrights to this photograph to any other individual, organization, or business; 2. That Contra Costa County has my permission to the unlimited use of this photograph in its educational or promotional materials, publicity efforts, or for any other lawful purpose. 3. That this photograph may be used in any display, publication, print ad, direct-mail piece, or electronic media, including, but not limited to, video, CD-ROM, Internet/WWW, or television. 4. That the County has no obligation to provide me with compensation for the use of this photograph that is authorized by this certification and release. I release and hold harmless the County, its officers, employees, agents, and designees from any liability, claims demands, causes of action, or attorneys fees regarding the use of this photograph, including for violation of any personal or proprietary right I may have in connection with such use. I am 18 years of age or older, have read and understand this certification and release, and sign this certification and release voluntarily
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