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Public Works department (DHP)

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  2. Please provide the name, email, and phone numbers for each individual as we will include them on all communications.
  3. Mobile Citizen app, Sandbag locations Social Media?
  4. We recommend using Siteimprove data to help figure out hot topics. Submit draft artwork for icons based on topics.
  5. *These can be secondary hot topics, key projects, or wider focus areas *Submit potential artwork for tiles ▪ No text on artwork
  6. Decide on Video/ Updates and Social Media Area or Statistics (If using) ▪ Line art and statistics Information will be needed o Video Area ▪ Provide YouTube or other link for embedded video ▪ Provide language for video title and description o Updates ▪ Provide information for creating info advance or other widget for Update area o Social Media ▪ Decide if social media will be links only or embedded ▪ Provide links to public side of accounts if OCM is assisting in setup of page
  7. Susan Shiu, Director Office of Communications and Media, Christiana Altimari, Angela Lim, Lissette Davis and John Fout
  8. Jennifer L. Balonek, M.P.A., Consultant

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