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Community Advisory Board (CAB) Application Form

  1. You’re Invited to Apply to Serve on the Community Advisory Board 
    to Advise the Contra Costa County Community Corrections Partnership!

    Today, you have an opportunity to help guide an important reentry process 
    now under way in counties across the state of California.

    The Community Advisory Board (CAB) currently has vacancies. Anyone interested in public safety issues is encouraged to apply!

  2. California Assembly Bill 109 (“AB 109”), also known as the Public Safety Realignment Act
    is a law designed to reduce the overcrowded prison population and decrease recidivism through the use of new and innovative approaches to corrections and reentry into the community. To accomplish these goals, AB 109 shifts responsibility for incarceration and supervision of low-level offenders from the state level to the local county level. The major components of the Act went into effect on October 1, 2011.
  3. AB 109 directs each county to convene a Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) to oversee the development of a plan to implement the realignment changes on a county level. The CCP is governed by an Executive Committee of 7 members.
    This group has been meeting regularly since July 2011 to draft the county’s Realignment Plan and budget allocations. The initial Plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors in October 2011, with the intent that the Plan is an ongoing project that will be revised and adjusted as the group evaluates the progress of the realignment process. In Fall 2012, the Executive Committee convened an Ad Hoc Operational Planning Committee to develop an Operational Plan, which was adopted by the Executive Committee on November 9, 2012.

    To ensure community involvement and strong communication, the Executive Committee convened a group of 12 community members in December 2011 to act as a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to the Community Corrections Partnership
  4. Why get involved? As realignment implementation continues, the Community Advisory Board will provide a meaningful opportunity for community members to inform and improve the County’s realignment process. 

    Purpose and responsibilities: The CAB will: Provide input on community needs; Assess implementation of the realignment plan; Review data on realignment outcomes; Advise the CCP on community engagement strategies; Offer recommendations for ongoing realignment planning; Advise County agencies regarding programs for implementation in the County; and Encourage outcomes that are consistent with the County’s Reentry Strategic Plan.  

    Eligibility and attributes: CAB members must live or work in Contra Costa County. CAB members may include representatives of community groups, service providers working with people with criminal backgrounds, members of the criminal justice system including advocates for alternative methods such as community courts and restorative justice, subject-matter experts and anyone interested in public safety issues. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring geographic representation from parts of the county most impacted by reentry.

    CAB will have formerly incarcerated individuals and the families of incarcerated or formerly incarcerated people as well as crime victims and the families of crime victims. Formerly incarcerated individuals and individuals impacted by crime are encouraged to apply. If you or a family member have been incarcerated or impacted by crime, please describe how your experience with the criminal justice system will inform your participation as a CAB member.

    Through the selection process, the CAB is committed to creating an advisory body that is inclusive and diverse in regards to gender, ethnicity, age, and ability.

    Commitment: Appointments to the CAB will be for one year with a term limit of three years. The CAB meets on a monthly basis on the second Thursday of each month from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M. Members of the CAB agree to participate in all regularly scheduled monthly meetings. Members may miss up to three (3) regular meetings for any reason. Members who are absent from four (4) regular meetings will automatically be removed from the CAB. Members must also make a reasonable effort to attend at least half of the CCP meetings during their term of service.

    In addition to attending CAB and CCP meetings, members must participate in, and help complete projects for, at least one (1) of the CAB ad hoc working groups or Committees during their term of service. Currently, the CAB has three standing committees that each meets on a monthly basis – (1) Programs and Services; (2) Policy and Budget; and (3) Outreach and Community Engagement. CAB members also hold seats on the Contra Costa County Reentry Success Center Steering Committee, CCP Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), the Public Defender’s Holistic Intervention Partnership (HIP) Steering Committee, Prop 47 Local Advisory Committee, Smart Reentry Grant Task Force, and have previously participated in review panels for reentry related county based funding opportunities.

    The CCP will review and provide final approval of recommendations for membership to the Community Advisory Board. These decisions are expected to be made at a CCP quarterly meeting.

    This is an unpaid, voluntary position.

    By submitting an application, you are indicating you understand the time commitment required for CAB membership, and confirm that you are able and available to fully participate.

    Confidentiality: All information entered on the final page of this application will be considered confidential, and not made publicly available. It will only be made available to those tasked with reviewing these applications. All other information on this application will be published to the public as part of a CAB agenda packet.

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  6. Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Board

    We are committed to creating a CAB that is inclusive and diverse, so please provide the following.

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  9. Questions? Contact:

    The Office of Reentry & Justice, by phone at  (925) 313-4087, or by email at  


    All information entered on this page is confidential and will only be used to review applications.

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