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Application for Tax Penalty Relief


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  • Instructions

    1. Instructions for completing the Penalty Cancellation Request Form:
      Request for relief from tax delinquency penalties, tax defaulted property penalties and/or costs associated with tax delinquencies or defaults must be completed on this application.
    2. Full payment of taxes, penalties and applicable costs currently due must be paid and all supporting documentation must also be included with the application, or it will be denied.
    3. • Read and acknowledge that you have read the Important Information Section below prior to completing this form.
    4. • Select the California Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC) Section you believe allows the Tax Collector to cancel the penalties imposed.
    5. • Complete the informational section at the top of the Penalty Cancellation Request Form.
    6. • Select the type of bill and bill year for which you are requesting penalty cancellation.
    7. • Please enter a brief description of the nature of your request for penalty cancellation. Please note this field is limited to 1,000 characters, including spaces, returns, and other system control characters.
    8. • Read and consent to the acknowledgement that the documents you submit constitute a public record under the California Public Records Act. After submitting the Penalty Cancellation Request, you will receive an email confirmation for your request for tax penalty relief.
    9. • Submit supporting documentation with your request for penalty relief, if applicable to support your request. Please redact all personally sensitive information as emails are not encrypted and are not secure.