Grayson Creek Desilt

Project No.:  7520-6B8201             

Project Overview

The work to be done generally consists of desilting approximately 25,000 cubic yards of channel sedimnet material from designated areas of the Grayson Creek Channel from Imhoff Drive to Chilpancingo Parkway.Work also includes placing a stake and tape boundary between the designated area and environmentally sensitive areas, traffic control, construction of temporary access ramps, portable message signs, hydroseeding, and pre-construction and post-construction surveying.  

Project Location

Martinez/Concord, Grayson Creek Site Map (PDF)

Supervisory District: V  

Project Funding

100% Flood Control Zone 3B funds

 Estimated Construction Cost: $1,630,000

Project Schedule

Advertise Date: April 25, 2023
Bid Due Date: May 23, 2023
Working Days Walnut Creek: 
Estimated Construction Date: 
August 14, 2023
Estimated Completion Date: 
October 16, 2023

Project Links

Contact Information

Contractor: Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Resident Engineer: Tim Bramer, CPM Associates, Inc.
Phone: 408.234.9330

Project Manager: Randolf Sanders
Email: [email protected]

Outreach Program

The bidder shall make a “Good Faith Effort”, and document this effort, to obtain sub-bid participation by MBE’s, WBE’s, OBE’s, SBE’s and LBE’s in accordance with the project special provisions to be eligible for award. Bidders that have not attended a pre bid meeting in the last 12 months should attend the County pre bid meeting noted in the Notice to Contractors. The pre bid meeting will include an overview of the Outreach Program requirements and staff will be available to answer your questions.