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a.      Why was AB 341 signed into law?

To reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by diverting commercial solid waste through recycling efforts, and to expand the opportunity for additional recycling services in California

 To meet the statewide goal of 75% solid waste diversion by 2020

b.      Who is required to recycle?

Businesses (including public entities) that generate four cubic yards or more of solid waste per week

Multifamily residential dwellings of five units or more

c.       What is the definition of a “business”?

“Business” means any commercial or public entity that generates four or more cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week, including but not limited to, a firm, partnership, proprietorship, joint-stock company, corporation, or association that is organized as a for-profit or non-profit entity, strip mall (e.g. property complex containing two or more commercial entities), industrial facility, school, school district, California State University, community colleges, University of California, special district or a federal, state, local, regional agency or facility. For purposes of this Chapter, “business” also includes a multi-family residential dwelling of five units or more regardless of the amount of commercial solid waste generated. 

d.      When does this law take effect?

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) approved the mandatory commercial regulation on May 7, 2012 and it became effective immediately. On June 27, 2012 the Governor signed Senate Bill 1018 which included an amendment that requires a business that generates 4 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week to arrange for recycling services. Rulemaking documents can be found online here

e.    What does self-hauling recyclables mean?

Self-hauling means your business or multifamily complex takes responsibility for transporting your recyclables to a designated location that will accept and/or process the recyclable materials. Some examples include, but are not limited to taking your recyclables to a buy-back facility or drop-off facility. Businesses that have corporate recycling programs through their distribution centers may also be considered self-hauling.

f.     What are the benefits?

Recycling provides many direct and indirect benefits. Recycling is a great way to save money. Businesses that recycle can save on their bills and even make money by selling their recyclables. This market also creates numerous jobs for community members in a growing industry. Recycling also can conserve energy, reduce air and water pollution, reduce greenhouse gases and conserve natural resources. By recycling you effectively reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which helps sustain the environment for future generations.  


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