Home Composting is a great way to reduce waste, recycle your yard debris and help your garden. Composting is a naturally occurring process where organic material (yard materials and vegetable wastes) is broken down into an excellent soil enhancer & mulch. Mixing compost into soil improves the soil's texture, and increases its ability to hold air and water. By reducing evaporation, composting allows your landscaping to use less water. You can learn about Home Composting using the links below or attending one of the Free Workshops offered in most areas of the County.

Free Home Composting Workshops
Other Bay Area Composting Workshop Program:
San Mateo County
Composting Video

Composting Video  Part I 

Composting Video  Part II

Composting Video  Part III

or you can request videotape be loaned to you at no charge

Biostack? Composter

Compost Bin Programs
information about home composting bins, including those available at a reduced-price to residents in most areas of the County
Bay Friendly Gardening & Landscaping Guidelines
Bay-Friendly is an environmentally friendly approach to design, construction and maintenance of landscaping that creates and maintains healthy, beautiful, and vibrant gardens. 
Additional educational links about composting:

How to Compost

Compost Guide - A Complete Guide to Composting

Compost Info Guide: Compost Tips, Articles, Bin reviews and much more

Worm Composting

Educational links about sustainable & earth-friendly gardening:

Free Gardening & Pest Control Help Desk (Contra Costa Master Gardeners) 

Healthy Garden Tips (Contra Costa Clean Water Program)

Gardening in Contra Costa County (Contra Costa Water District)

Less-Toxic Home & Garden (Central Contra Costa Sanitary District)

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour
Free, award-winning tour features 50 pesticide-free gardens that conserve water, provide habitat for wildlife, and contain 50% or more native plants.

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