Green building is a “Whole-Systems” approach for designing and constructing buildings that conserve energy, water, and material resources and are healthier, safer, and more comfortable. 

In practical terms, green building includes:
Using sun & wind to the building's advantage for natural heating, cooling, & daylighting
Landscaping with native plants & using water efficiently
Building quality, durable structures 
Insulating well & ventilating appropriately
Incorporating salvaged, recycled, & sustainably harvested materials (Recycled Content Construction Products on-line catalog)
Maintaining healthy indoor air quality with appropriate building techniques & materials
Using energy-efficient & water-saving appliances & fixtures
Reducing & recycling construction waste

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Green Building Brochure
(PDF* file)
Green Building Guidelines - New Home Construction & Home Remodeling
The Guidelines offer cost-effective suggestions to minimize construction-related waste, create healthier and more durable homes, reduce operating costs for homeowners as well as methods to reduce the impacts of building in Contra Costa communities; including solid waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency and resource conservation.

Green Building New Homes Green Points Calculator 
(XLS file)
A home that has earned 50 points or more across the 3 main green building categories – Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency and Resource Efficiency – can be considered a “green home.”
Remodeling Green Points Calculator 
(XLS file)
Due to the diversity of remodeling project types, assigning a “total points” value to a project considered to be environmentally friendly is not feasible. However, 25 measures have been highlighted to signify that every effort should be made to incorporate them into your projects.

Green Building Material Resource List (PDF* file)
This List provides the names of the manufacturer of each product in the Green Building Materials Display as well as their phone number & website (when available).  Additionally, the List contains contact information for local distributors that sell these products.

Green Building Remodeling Ideas
(PDF* file)
This publication provides ideas for your home improvement.  Published by the San Mateo County's Green Building Program (RecycleWorks). 
Home Builders Association of Northern California Endorses GreenPoint Rated
  * NEW *
Home Builders Association of Northern California officially endorsed Build It Green’s GreenPoint Rated program in January 2008 serving as a major milestone in the mainstreaming of green building. Furthermore, the Association endorsed the adoption of mandatory green building standards in all 101 Bay Area cities and counties based on GreenPoint Rated. 

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