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Hospice Thrift Shoppe
3162 Danville Blvd., 94507(925) 820-6525


Friends of the Antioch Library
501 West 18th St., 94509(925) 757-9224
Goodwill - Antioch Plant
2701 W. 10th St., 94509(925) 706-9024
Hospice Thrift Shoppe
2742 Delta Fair Blvd., 94509(925) 777-0866


Pacific Rim Recycling
3690 Sprig Dr., 94510(707) 746-6067


Goodwill - Berkeley Store
2058 University Ave., 94704(510) 649-1287


Anna's Attic - Hospice Thrift Shoppe
5350 Clayton Rd., 94521(925) 674-9072
ARF Mart Thrift Store
1950H Market St., 94520(925) 685-0908
Goodwill - Concord Store
3495 Clayton Rd., 94519(925) 676-8140
Rasputin Music
1280 Willow Pass Rd, 94520(800) 350-8700
Teen Challenge Thrift Store
3437 Chestnut Ave., 94518(888) 339-3193


Hospice Thrift Shoppe
444 Diablo Rd., 94526(925) 838-7697


Goodwill - Dublin Store
7232 Regional St., 94568(925) 833-8610

El Cerrito

Down Home Music
10341 San Pablo Ave., 94530(510) 525-2129
Friends of the El Cerrito Library
6510 Stockton Ave., 94530(510) 526-7512

El Sobrante

Friends of the El Sobrante Library
4191 Appian Way, 94803(510) 374-3991
Goodwill Store - El Sobrante
3730 San Pablo Dam Rd., 94803(510) 758-4968
Thrift Town
3645 San Pablo Dam Rd., 94803(510) 222-8696


Friends of the Kensington Library
61 Arlington Ave, 94707(510) 524-3043


Goodwill - Livermore Store
1374 Railroad Ave., 94550(925) 373-7990


Goodwill - Donation Station
566 Center St., 94556(510) 698-7200


Goodwill - Oakland Plant
2925 International Blvd., 94601(510) 698-7200
Goodwill - Oakland Store
6624 San Pablo Ave., 94608(510) 428-4911
Goodwill - Oakland Store
1220 Broadway, 94612(510) 834-6123
St. Vincent de Paul
9235 San Leandro St., 94603(510) 636-4254


Goodwill - Oakley Store
2043 Main St., 94561(925) 679-2824


Goodwill - Pittsburg Store
396 Atlantic Ave., 94565(925) 432-4776

Pleasant Hill

Goodwill - Pleasant Hill Store
1699 Contra Costa Blvd., 94523(925) 676-7217
Youth Homes Auxiliary Thrift Shop
15 B Vivian Dr., 95423(925) 798-5561


Easter Hill United Methodist Church Thrift Store
3601 Cutting Blvd., 94804(510) 215-8249
Goodwill - Richmond Store
12341 San Pablo Ave., 94801(510) 965-1833


Goodwill - Rodeo Store
607 Parker Ave., 94572(510) 799-4662

Walnut Creek

Garrett Thrift Store
1530 3rd Ave., 94597(925) 932-9474
Hospice Thrift Shoppe
1345-A Newell Ave., 94596(925) 947-1064
Leftovers Thrift Shop
2333 Boulevard Cir., 94595(925) 930-9393

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