Recycling Terms

CA Redemption Value (CRV)
In California all carbonated beverages sold in aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic #1 (PET) bottles require a deposit. The deposit amount is 2.5 for containers under 24 ounces and 5 for containers at or above 24 ounces. This deposit is redeemable at any certified redemption center.

Redemption Center
Many large grocery stores have redemption centers located in their parking lots that pay for CRV aluminum cans, glass bottles, and plastic #1 (PET) bottles. Some also accept newspaper. To locate a redemption center near you, please contact the California Department of Conservation Recycling Hotline at 800-RECYCLE (800-732-9253).

Recycling facilities often pay cash for recyclable materials. The most common types of materials for buyback are CRV containers, aluminum cans , glass bottles, plastic #1 (PET) bottles, newspaper, white paper and cardboard. Some companies may have minimum quality and quantity requirements for buyback.

Most recycling facilities will accept materials on a drop-off basis. Call in advance to confirm operating hours and material preparation requirements. Some supermarkets also have drop-off containers or "igloos" for aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic #1 (PET) bottles and newspaper.

Pick up
Many recycling companies provide pick up service on a one-time or regular basis. Availability of such service depends on the quality and quantity of materials as well as geographical proximity.

Recycling facilities and recycling companies may charge a fee for handling certain materials such as appliances, yard waste, tires, oil or hazardous materials. These fees are usually nominal and make it possible to offset recycling costs and divert such materials away from landfills.

Curbside Pick up
Every city in Contra Costa County offers curbside recycling programs. Most pick up newspapers, cardboard, cans, bottles and other commonly recycled materials.

Transfer Station
Transfer Stations receive garbage for hauling to landfills and often have recycling operations that take cans, bottles, paper, and certain plastics. Transfer Stations increasingly accept materials such as used motor oil, appliances, tires, untreated wood and yard waste.

A Closer Look at Plastics

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If it is not recyclable, please assure that you dispose of material properly through your garbage collection company or a permitted Transfer Station or Landfill.  To report illegal dumping, call 1-800-NO-DUMPING.

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