Contra Costa County
Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ)

Employee Attainment & Development and Other Employer Resources

A full range of employer services is available through the EASTBAY Works centers.  EASTBAY Works centers offer all types of employer services such as connecting businesses with qualified employees, finding out about business opportunities, researching state and federal regulations, and exploring the state’s economic development services.  The centers also offer business start-up information, management assistance, counseling, and workshops. 

The Employment Development Department (EDD) helps businesses find skilled workers, stay competitive, and make informed decisions by offering services such as job placement assistance, up-to-date information on the labor market and emerging occupations, and tax and hiring incentives.

The Employment Training Panel (ETP), a joint business-labor supported state agency, provides training funds to empower workers, promote businesses and propel the state's economy.  ETP usually provides between $70-$100 million per year in training funds. In general, companies are eligible to apply for ETP funding provided they are paying into the state's Employment Training Fund (ETF) and meet at least one of three requirements.

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Contra Costa County Department of Conservation & Development
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