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Industrial Assessment Center at SFSU performs a no-cost analysis for small and mid-size manufacturing facilities located within 150 miles of San Francisco on issues of: Energy Conservation (ECO), Waste Minimization (WMO), and Productivity Improvement (PIO).  [Introduction Letter*] [Brochure*]

PG & E Targeted Energy Audit Program provides an inspection of your facility by a technical consultant to identify low-cost and no-cost energy-saving techniques and recommend incentive programs to help you afford measures requiring an investment in energy-efficient equipment.

PG & E On-Site Energy Audit Program provides an on-site audit to identify potential energy-saving measures and help you complete applications for various incentive programs.

Waste Assessments are offered through many local recycling agencies or haulers.  To learn if a free waste assessment is available for businesses in your area contact Lorna Thomson at 925-335-1231 or

* Files are in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader , which can be downloaded for free:

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