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The East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy is accepting funding proposals for our Science and Research Grant Program. The Conservancy is looking to fund small science and research projects that will contribute to our understanding of target special status species and how to better manage their habitat.

Under this Science and Research Grant Program, the Conservancy may fund research that endeavors to illuminate, and where possible to resolve, uncertainties associated with management of natural communities and covered species. Research selected for funding will aid in achieving the biological goals and objectives of the East Contra Costa County HCP/NCCP and inform management actions and/or contribute to the general understanding of a covered species. Such research will generally relate to the following:

  • Efficacy of natural community enhancement/creation/restoration techniques,
  • Refining ecological requirements of covered species,
  • Response of covered species and natural communities to implementation of management actions within the Preserve System, or
  • Strategies to conduct management or monitoring actions that support and/or lead to better management of natural communities or covered species.

Awarded projects may work with the Conservancy and East Bay Regional Park District to access over 13,000 acres of conserved lands in east Contra Costa County for research. More details about the program, how to apply, and submittal requirements are included in the following RFP. Proposals will be accepted until Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 5 pm.

HCP/NCCP Implementation Policies

recently permitted projects and Environmental review

The Conservancy is often times the Lead Agency for Participating Special Entity projects. Being the Lead Agency means overseeing the environmental review process for all projects requiring a decision to be made at the discretion of the Conservancy's Governing Board. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is the environmental review process and provides a means to inform decision-makers about potential environmental impacts that would result from a project.

The projects listed below has been approved for take coverage by the Conservancy:

P66 Line 200 Anomaly Investigation and Repair - Spring 2021 Project

Approved by the Governing Board on February 22, 2021

PG&E Transmission Pipeline L-114 Replacement Project

Approved by the Governing Board on January 8, 2021

2019 annual report

The 2019 Year in Review document and Annual Report and are now available. Previous years' documents are available under the Documents page.


The ECCC HCP/NCCP mitigation fees were adjusted on February 25, 2021, pursuant to the cost indices and formulas prescribed in the HCP/NCCP. New mitigation fee calculators can be found on the Project Permitting page.

Neighboring Landowner Assurances Information

Full text of the Neighboring Landowner Assurances Provision is located in Chapter 10, Assurances, of the HCP/NCCP (pages 10-14 through 10-16) and here. The entire HCP/NCCP document is located on the Documents page.