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1. I’m locked out of my account and can’t remember my password.
2. I’m getting a screen error on my online application and can’t proceed.
3. I applied online but I'm not receiving any updates on my application.
4. I don’t see the Attachments page so I'm not able to upload or download files to my online application.
5. My contractor and other contacts on my application are not receiving emails about the processing status.
6. How can I add myself as a contact to an existing application?
7. How do I submit a revision to my building permit project that has been issued already?
8. How do I renew my expired building permit?
9. How do I update the property owner name on my permit or planning application?
10. I need additional time to complete the work for my building inspection permit. How do I extend my building permit that is about to expire?
11. I have questions about my project before I begin. How can I get my questions answered?
12. The address on my permit card is incorrect. How can I get a corrected permit card?
13. I have questions about Encroachment Permits.
14. Trying to print reviewed plans for my issued project and it's asking for a password.
15. How can I get help to successfully submit my online application? I started it but am stuck.