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1. Who do I call to report a pothole?
2. Why doesn't the County maintain the culvert / ditch behind my house?
3. A tree fell in the creek behind my property. Can the County remove it?
4. During the first few heavy rains of the season, trees shed their leaves. What can property owners do to prevent these fallen leaves from creating blockages in the drainage systems?
5. What is the County’s responsibility in maintaining private drainage systems?
6. For the maintenance of private trees and other vegetation, what can property owners do to help the County’s maintenance efforts?
7. When does the County sweep the streets?
8. What is the County’s Pavement Management Program?
9. Why are road surface treatments necessary?
10. Will I still have access to my driveway during the road surface treatment work?
11. When will roadwork associated with the road surface treatment be finished?
12. Will traffic be severely disrupted due to the road surface treatment work?
13. Why don't I see construction activity associated with the road surface treatment when I drive by?
14. Whom can I call with questions I have about the road surface treatment work?
15. What can I do to help make the road surface treatment work successful?
16. Regarding the road surfacing treatment, why do they spray oil on the road before they place the asphalt?
17. What is a chip seal?
18. What is a slurry seal?
19. What is a cape seal?
20. What is a microsurface seal?
21. Who is responsible for mitigating sidewalk tripping hazards?
22. Whom do I call if I want to report illegal dumping?
23. What is the Adopt-A-Road program?