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Public Meetings Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Service Authority
  3. Ad Hoc Arts Council Steering Committee
  4. Advisory Council on Aging
  5. Affordable Housing Finance Committee
  6. Agricultural Task Force
  7. Airport Land Use Commission
  8. Alamo Municipal Advisory Council
  9. Alamo Police Services Advisory Committee (CSA P-2B)
  10. Alamo-Lafayette Cemetery District Brd of Directors
  11. Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board
  12. Arts & Culture Commission of Contra Costa County
  13. Assessment Appeals Board
  14. Aviation Advisory Committee, Contra Costa County
  15. Bay Area Library & Information System Advisory Board
  16. Bay Point Municipal Advisory Council
  17. Bethel Island Municipal Advisory Council
  18. Blackhawk Police Services (County Service Area P-2A) Citizens Advisory Committee
  19. Byron Municipal Advisory Council
  20. Byron-Brentwood-Knightsen Union Cemetery District
  21. CAL-ID Remote Access Network Board
  22. Citizens Advisory Committee - CCTA
  23. Clerk of Board
  24. Community Advisory Board (CAB) on Public Safety Realignment
  25. Community Corrections Partnership (CCP)
  26. Contra Costa Centre Municipal Advisory Council
  27. Contra Costa Centre Municipal Advisory Council
  28. Contra Costa Co. Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) Hearing Panel
  29. Contra Costa Commission for Women and Girls
  30. Contra Costa County East Bay Regional Park District Liaison Committee
  31. Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Advisory Fire Commission
  32. Contra Costa County Oversight Board (Successor Agency)
  33. Contra Costa County Resource Conservation District
  34. Contra Costa Employees Retirement Association (CCERA)
  35. Contra Costa Fire Protection District Advisory Fire Commission
  36. Contra Costa Health Plan Joint Conference Committee (JCC)
  37. Contra Costa Transportation Authority Citizens Advisory Committee
  38. Contra Costa Watershed Forum
  39. Council on Homelessness
  40. County Connection Citizens Advisory Committee
  41. County Library Commission
  42. County Planning Commission
  43. County Service Area P-5 Citizens Adv. Committee
  44. County Service Area P-6 Citizen Advisory Committee for Discovery Bay Zones
  45. County Service Area R-10 Citizens Adv. Committee
  46. Countywide Bicycle Advisory Committee
  47. Crockett-Carquinez Fire Protection District
  48. CSA R-10 citizens adv. committee
  49. Developmental Disabilities Council
  50. Diablo Community Services District
  51. Diablo MAC
  52. Discovery Bay Community Services District
  53. Discovery Bay P6 Zone CAC
  54. Dougherty Valley Oversight Committee
  1. East Bay Regional Park District's Park Advisory Committee
  2. East Contra Costa Fire Protection District
  3. East Contra Costa Habitat Conservancy
  4. East Richmond Heights Municipal Advisory Council
  5. Economic Opportunity Council
  6. El Sobrante Municipal Advisory Council
  7. Emergency Medical Care Committee
  8. Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Council
  9. Family & Children's Trust Committee
  10. First 5 Contra Costa Children and Families Commission
  11. Fish & Wildlife Committee
  12. Hazardous Materials Commission
  13. Head Start Policy Council
  14. Historical Landmarks Advisory Committee
  15. Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
  16. In-Home Supportive Serv. Public Authority Adv. Committee
  17. Integrated Pest Management Advisory Committee
  18. Iron Horse Corridor Management Program Advisory Committee
  19. Juvenile Justice Commission and the Delinquency Prevention Commission
  20. Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council
  21. Juvenile Justice-Delinquency Prevention Commission
  22. Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund Review Committee
  23. Kensington Municipal Advisory Council
  24. Knightsen Town Advisory Council
  25. Local Enforcement Agency Independent Hearing Panel
  26. Local Planning and Advisory Council for Early Care and Education
  27. Los Medanos Health Advisory Committee
  28. Managed Care Commission
  29. Measure X Community Advisory Board
  30. Medical Services Joint Conference Committee
  31. Mental Health Commission
  32. Merit Board, Contra Costa County
  33. Mosquito & Vector Control District
  34. North Richmond Municipal Advisory Council
  35. North Richmond Waste and Recovery Mitigation Fee Committee
  36. Office of Communications and Media - CCTV
  37. Oversight Board for Successor Agencies of former Redevelopment Agencies in the County
  38. Pacheco Municipal Advisory Council
  39. Pleasant Hill BART Leasing Authority
  40. Public Law Library Board of Trustees
  41. Public Protection Committee
  42. Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)
  43. Racial Justice Oversight Body
  44. Racial Justice Task Force
  45. Relocation Appeals Board of Contra Costa County
  46. Rodeo Municipal Advisory Council
  47. Sustainability Commission
  49. Transportation Partnership and Cooperation Committee (TRANSPAC)
  50. Treasury Oversight Committee
  51. Tri-Delta Transit Authority Board of Directors
  52. West Contra Costa Healthcare District
  53. Workforce Development Board
  54. Zoning Administrator